Single brew coffee bags are a simple technology that should surprise us did not occur sooner due to the similarities with tea bags. While the technology for how tea and coffee is brewed need be a little different by definition, these bags are typically placed into a cup of water to be microwaved to the point of brewing, with the a greater length of time resulting in a stronger java and less time making the brew a bit weaker. This “nuke and forget” system (just wait for the microwave’s ding) is ideal for lone drinkers or for non-drinkers who are entertaining guests.

Good coffee can be made by you too. I know this sound too good to be true but you should trust me on this. Why? This is because there are many coffee machines out there that can brew good cold brew coffee french press. All you need to do is to get the settings right.

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The second most important aspect of using a press is the grind of the coffee. While the type of coffee used and the roast of the coffee is an individual choice, the grind must be coarse. If the grind is too fine it can cause the filter basket on the press to become clogged. Additionally, finely ground coffee can often infiltrate the final product and leave coffee grounds in the bottom of the coffee cup. There aren’t many people who find this to be desirable in a cup of coffee.

But what exactly makes it a cut above the rest? According to many java aficionados, European style cup of joes are a lot stronger and more flavourful. You really can’t miss that marked smoothness and quality of coffee they produce. And despite the numerous java machines in the market, it seems like they could not replicate the real thing.

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